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Iranian Wedding

Camera: Nikon D40


Between 2005 and 2008 I was employed as a wedding photographer. Focusing on a small town called ‘Karaj’, and surrounding suburbs. Being amongst a community of people from different cultures and traditions was also of great interest to me. These ceremonies were interesting as they showed the families desire to portray beauty, wealth and prosperity in such a strong cultural and religious setting. The brides while they often were over dressed and made up which took away from their natural beauty, they themselves felt beautiful and special on the day.


These photos tell the story of history and culture and how it influences the ceremony and rituals.

Over almost four years, much of the work undertaken was posed portraits of the dress of these families and their depiction of what beauty and prosperity is.


Iranian Wedding is just my story of a group of people who live in a country with a population of 70 million. As an Iranian artist, I am not and can’t represent as a whole the culture of the people in Iran. I have attempted to share my unique experience and show how in these weddings how strongly religion and tradition can influence society. And how people can have a different view of what beauty is and how much beauty can be relative.


'One of the most talked-about Town Hall shows was Ramak Bamzar’s Iranian Wedding – a dazzling selection of images produced while working as a wedding photographer in Iran in 2005. Each picture is formally posed but utterly surreal in the way the brides (and mothers-in-law) disport themselves with extravagant make-up, or stand like silent ghosts draped head-to-toe in fabric. In opposition to the Smile show this is a graphic lesson in cultural differences, as we confront unfamiliar ideas of beauty and good taste.' 


John Mcdonald